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Welcome to the Copper Dragon Brewing Company, Southern Illinois' only microbrewery!

A lot of changes have taken place in the brewery over the past several months, including our good fortune in acquiring the two new brewers, David Hyde and Harlan Bauer.

Dave, our Head Brewer, was a long-time and award-winning home brewer before coming to the Copper Dragon. He has a background in engineering.

Harlan came here from the Pipking Brewing Company, a regional microbrewery in Louisville, KY and before that brewed here at the Copper Dragon until the spring of 2000. Like Dave, he was a long-time home brewer.

As always, Copper Dragon beers are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients and are never filtered. Our brewers insist on freshness and believe their beer is best served unfiltered.

We're so proud of our beers, we post their recipes on the brewhouse wall. Talk with our brewers and take a look at our brewery for yourself, then taste the beer. We believe you will prefer the beer from your neighborhood brewery.